Audit & Assurance

Sharp Aarth & Co LLP has a strong assurance network that helps you create trust and transparency among your stakeholders. Especially since the uncertain pandemic, Audit & Assurance at companies have witnessed a drastic change as it’s all the more important to maintain credibility in your stakeholders. Important aspects such as reporting, disclosures and regulatory requirements are easily handled by our team of experts, no matter where you are in the country.

1. Financial Statement Audit
Strengthen your financial image

In a dynamic world that is full of uncertainties, it’s of utmost importance to build trust and reliance on your administration. Declaring financial statements with transparency and accuracy provides that sense of trust to your stakeholders.

Whether it is an investor or an employee, an accurate presentation of your financial statements and disclosure helps you meet their basic expectations. We help you gain that position by taking over your audit responsibilities. With our thorough audit process, we sustain people’s confidence in your company’s financial system.

Furthermore, in an evolving environment where corporate reporting is meeting the challenges of new normal, our savvy and experienced auditors keep your company at pace with the latest developments in the regulations.

2. Risk Assurance
Stay a step ahead

One of the biggest challenges that your business has to tackle is staying ahead of potential risks and preparing strategies according to the situation. Third-party assurance provides an unbiased and invaluable security to your operations. Our team provides you with solutions that empower your business aspects such as performance, strategy, planning and resilience.

In the present business scenario, risk is associated with challenges as well as opportunities. Our wide network of risk assurance experts help you navigate through such situations with industry insights and technology innovation. You can improve your response to risks and have a prepared workforce for the future with the guidance of our partners.

3. IFRS Reporting
Stay updated with IFRS standards

As IFRS is the common financial reporting language followed globally, it’s important to keep up with the new standards while preparing financial statements. In various aspects such as financial instruments, leasing, revenue recognition etc, we help you stay updated with the latest application guidance.

In the recent pandemic as everyone adapted to the new normal, measures put in place to fight the virus also impacted economic activities, especially the way financial reporting is done by businesses. Starting from the calculation of your balance sheet to disclosure of your financial statements, all areas have gone under changes. Our team brings your business up to date with those changes and makes your life easier.

4. Regulatory Compliance
Strengthen your market value

Often businesses think of Regulatory Compliance as playing guard, however it is also an opportunity to strengthen your position in the market. It likewise offers a chance to reliably fortify your association through key, proactive measures — measures that can reveal your business value and help you assure compliance as well.

5. Capital Markets Advisory
Expand your business growth

Raising Equity? Issuing Debt? We have experts who have helped businesses do it for over a decade. Sharp Aarth & Co offers you assistance in various areas such as IPO, debt offering, regulatory reporting, accessing capital, focus investment, strategic planning, transaction execution and much more. If you are raising capital or thinking of expansion, our capital markets team will be there to assist you.

6. Corporate Reporting
Construct full proof reports

Ever since the Covid 19 pandemic, building and keeping up trust has become more significant and additionally testing. The way you run your business and drive accomplishments is evolving along with the needs of your clients, representatives, authorities and even society at large. This is inevitably affecting information processing and disclosure to the internal and external stakeholders.

7. Accounting Advisory Services
Secure your compliance needs

When a business handles the change identified with exchanges, for example, debt & equity, subsidizing, divestitures, rebuilding or even insolvency you are probably going to experience complex bookkeeping and reporting difficulties. Our Accounting Advisory Services across the country will provide assistance on basic issues that may emerge in these circumstances. Our experts have profound information on the evolving accounting rules and regulations across the world with broad experience across various ventures. We stay updated on the developments in the industry to help you manage during change and keep your compliance needs secure.

8. Corporate Treasury Solutions
Operate with effective strategies

Commodity trading, foreign exchange (FX) volatility, market complexity and regulations are evolving everyday and it’s become difficult for businesses to place the responsibility solely on the shoulders of their treasurers and CFOs. As the role of treasurers and CFOs are expanded to more than one department, the bandwidth for adopting to the changes effectively is an increased pressure. When you associate with us, we take care of your treasury needs by building a well defined and updated strategy required for daily business operations that can be used across the organization uniformly.

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