Contribute to the faster growth of your business and give it a competitive edge by letting us handle your deals. Whether you are looking for complete transformation or you want to realize your business capabilities, think of us. We bring you the best of industry-experienced advisors who combine information with data insights that help in making decisive choices. Regardless of what business stage you are at, our emphasis on value is the thing that will take your business ahead in the deals you make.

1. Business Recovery Services
Recover from your troubles

Sharp Aarth & Co. offers its expert Business Recovery Services to various creditors, companies, lenders and even individuals who find themselves in financial troubles. Our team will help you identify core issues and gain an edge over them. We develop easy solutions and implement them across your organization with utter precision.

2. Capital Markets
Make the best of your market position

Whether you are looking to Raise Equity or Issue Debt, we have experts who have helped businesses handle it efficiently for over a decade. Sharp Aarth & Co offers you assistance in various areas such as IPO, debt offering, regulatory reporting, accessing capital, focus investment, strategic planning, transaction execution and much more.

3. Corporate Finance
Expand your business strategically

When businesses look for finance strategies to grow their business or ways to improve productivity by auctioning off a non performing asset, they think of us. Our expert group of advisors works for your mid-market deals that create value for your organization. Buying & Selling, raising capital and driving subsidizing efficiencies are some of our core competencies

4. Deals Strategy
Close every deal effectively

Creating success is not just about creating growth strategies but also about their execution that decides the value of your business endeavors. With the assistance of our Deal Strategy services, you can access insights on the current industry trends and utilize them to close deals at the right pace. We are both inventive and thorough in our methodology, helping our customers understand and solve multi-faceted inquiries. We do everything from surveying the expected effect of changes inside your industry to simplifying complexity in deals.

5. Delivering Deal Value
Taking deals for end results

In order to deliver deal value from your transactions proficiently, you must understand the key drivers and principles of your business. From pre to post deal stages, our team of IT experts and guides make sure that every deal is taken care of with utmost attention and importance. In this dynamic world, it’s now all the more difficult to deliver value in each deal you make. However, it is also extremely important for your business to drive success and with the help of our team, you’ll be able to do it swiftly.

6. Infrastructure Advisory
Asses your projects financially

Infrastructure projects are essential for building growth in the communities and it’s also important to maintain transparency and cost effectiveness. Regardless of whether you’re from the public authority or a business searching for assistance in infrastructure projects, our partners can help you. Our team helps in assessing projects and ensures your decisions are financially savvy. Post assessment, we help you structure your project through strategies, finance assistance and negotiation skills, then smoothly execute the project on time & budget.

7. M & A Tax
Swift through Mergers & Acquisitions

During Mergers & Acquisitions, it is important to protect the value of your company to secure transactions. Especially in the process to achieve long term value for your business, it's essential to create an impactful structure that assists you in model and finance operations. Sharp Aarth & Co. associates help you through everything during the period of your mergers and acquisitions. We deliver pragmatic solutions that simplify your transactions in a world full of complexities.

8. Transaction Services
Simplify your business transactions

For every deal you make, it’s necessary to combine the best knowledge of finance, operation and industry insights. Our team of experts in the Transaction Services department bring you at ease during complex transactions and pave the way for your business. To make sure that you are attaining maximum returns on your deals, we deliver expert insights that help you navigate through the process. During a takeover or a merger, our objective is to protect your transactions and make the most out of them for your company.

9. Valuations
Actualize your business value

Every organization currently is seeking to unlock the true potential and value of their capital. From assets to expenditures, every aspect of your business must actualize its value and we help you do that. Not just that, we also assist you in value reporting, analysis and more to maintain transparency among your stakeholders during complex deals. We have brought together experts who have worked for decades creating value for diverse organizations to simplify your business advisory model and help you succeed in positioning your business.

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