Unexpected interruption can shake the confidence of your stakeholders. Regardless of whether you experience a small breach or an emergency like the COVID-19 pandemic, an impromptu occasion can possibly dispense cataclysmic damage to your company. When handled with care, such incidents strengthen the position of your business in the market as you come out stronger. With our Forensics group as your confidant, you’ll refocus faster and easier.

1. Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption
Recover easily

In a virtual world post pandemic with the uncertainties in the economy, it’s difficult for you to stay immune from bribery and corruption. When the situation arises, it’d be required from you to investigate and recover from corruption without hurting the image of your company. The Forensics team at Sharp Aarth & Co. will help you in an agile, tech savvy and legal manner to get through these tough situations. Our team will assist you in mitigating the risks and strengthen your position in the market to recover without damage.


2. Crisis Management
Always stay prepared

Crisis doesn't come announced, it hits inevitably and your business can either emerge or drown after one. As we all witnessed during the Covid 19 pandemic, a crisis response plan can help stabilize your business even when the worse comes to worst. Our team comes up with a bullet proof strategy that helps you sail through any crisis. With decades of experience dealing and managing crisis, our industry experts strengthen your position by helping you manage the situation with efficiency and ease. 5. Foren

3. Disputes and Claims
Hassle free procedures

Tackling disputes and claims may seem like an easy task but it can be tedious and expensive. From analyzing the issues to building a universal approach for the organization to follow, you need abundant resources to execute the process. At the point when a situation emerges, you need experts with profound experience and approach. Our experts provide you assistance in litigation, arbitration, mediation, expert determination, etc. by collaborating with your team on each step, making the procedure easier and effective.

4. Forensic Investigations
Expert insight

Facts are important yet hard to find. Especially during a crisis or an investigation in your business. Looking for answers is a frustrating task when there's too much information to process and too little bandwidth. Our team of forensic experts support you at such difficult times. With a tech savvy team, we assist you in identifying the exact data and analyze your operational woes in a jiffy. When you are looking for who, when, how and what of a situation, think of us and save your time.

5. Forensic Intelligence
Impactful forensic technology

Why wait for a situation to arise in order to run an investigation? We recommend you to stay prepared and a step ahead with the help of intelligent inputs. When you are prepared with the right forensic technology, you are able to position yourself stronger in the market and take higher risks. Our Forensics Intelligence team assists you in doing that with the latest innovation in technology.

6. Capital Projects
Make your Mark

When a project doesn't go as planned, our Capital Projects team at Sharp Aarth & Co provides knowledge and skills to return you to control, giving you the instruments to recuperate before it’s past the point of no return. Make your mark on capital ventures with ease when you have the assistance of brilliant minds by your side. In the event that a huge scope project isn’t conveyed as concurred, dangers can incorporate enduring harm to your business.

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