insolvency and bankruptcy

The law relating to Insolvency and Bankruptcy in India has continuously been evolving and undergone a paradigm shift. Our specialized teams are in tune with the present and expected trends. It has been a constituent of the policy making process for this domain.

SHARP AARTH & CO LLP has been at the forefront of the new insolvency law, and has been involved in almost all major cases of insolvency under the new law. The Firm continues to play an active role in shaping the constantly evolving insolvency law and policy in India.

Our experience covers the entire range of this practice, starting from restructuring under formal and informal procedures towards revival for corporates with early signs of distress, to processes involving actual liquidation and winding down of businesses. We advise clients at the pre insolvency stage or during the corporate insolvency resolution process (advising the committee of creditors or the resolution professional), to acquisition of the stressed asset via an insolvency process. Our integrated approach comprehensively addresses diverse aspects of an insolvency matter including acquisitions, deal structuring, drafting the resolution plan, conducting legal due diligence, conducting meetings with resolution professionals to address concerns and clarify queries. We also represent before the National Company Law Tribunal on behalf of the acquirer to see the matter through to its conclusion.

Our Bankruptcy and Restructuring Practice works closely with other practice areas within the Firm, primarily Banking & Finance, M&A, Tax, Employment and Dispute Resolution, to provide a comprehensive solution encompassing financial restructuring and recovery, insolvency, corporate restructuring of non-performing assets, creditors’ rights, and contingent preparedness against any peripheral litigation. Our full service experience enables the Firm to provide clients with commercially relevant legal advice and create viable safeguards to protect their business.

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