In today's fast-changing world, we help businesses navigate complexity and risk by empowering them to make informed business decisions while meeting their tax and other responsibilities. Our Tax and Legal Services helps to cut through the noise and stay ahead of the changes that impact your business. Equipped with the scale of a seamlessly connected global network, we are where you need us delivering deep tax technical expertise.

1. Indirect Taxes
Handle efficiently

The growing weight of indirect taxation is heightening the operational and compliance challenges faced by already stretched tax teams. Changes can come frequently and can be confusing. International trade is growing in complexity and there’s a greater focus on indirect taxation in an increasingly digitised global economy. Our team of experts has been doing it for various organizations and we keep up with the trends to make sure you never fail to keep any business updated with their taxes.

2. Tax Code Of Conduct
Stay informed

It is a general principle that taxpayers have the right to manage their tax affairs provided they act within the law. Also, they should be able to access advice on their tax position. However, the dynamic and complex nature of tax laws is such that it is not always clear where lines should be drawn. To help our clients make informed decisions on tax, taking into account the relevant considerations, the member firms of our Network act according to the Global Tax Code of Conduct and keep your organization updated.

3. International Tax Services
Follow global trends

If you're operating across borders, or functioning in multiple jurisdictions, keeping up with local tax laws, reporting requirements and statutory filings, not to mention staying on top of new legislative developments is more than a full-time job for your tax department. But compliance is only half of the equation. In a world of intensified global competition, the key to business success is keeping your tax strategy agile and aligned with your corporate strategy " while keeping an eye on your worldwide effective tax rate.

4. Tax Controversy & Resolution
Quick & easy

A convergence of global forces has resulted in a substantial increase in the number and size of tax audits, assessments, and disputes with revenue authorities worldwide. Virtually no area of tax enforcement has escaped this phenomenon, which includes direct taxes (domestic and international) and indirect taxes (e.g., VAT and GST), as well as specialist areas such as customs, tax fraud, and white collar tax issues.

5. Legal
Stay guarded

In a world so uncertain, staying prepared on the legal forefront is one of the smartest and essential moves of the business. Having a team that understands your business as well as your competitor's and has worked through various legal aspects in the industry is difficult to find. That's where we come in the picture. Our team stands tall with your team and prepares them for every legal tangent surrounding your business and builds you 'legally strong'.

6. Tax Policy & Administration
Full proof taxation

Our role in tax policy involves working with a wide range of stakeholders. Our global Tax network helps individuals and organizations with the tax side of their businesses and investments, such as tax compliance and tax planning. Some of our professionals are more focused on tax policy more directly which acts as a guiding force to your in house talent and nurtures them for the organization's future.

7. Mergers & Acquisitions
See through smoothly

During Mergers & Acquisitions, it is important to protect the value of your company to secure transactions. Especially in the process to achieve long term value for your business, it's essential to create an impactful structure that assists you in model and finance operations. Sharp Aarth & Co. associates help you through everything during the period of your mergers and acquisitions. We deliver pragmatic solutions that simplify your transactions.

8. Tax Reporting & Strategy
No complexities

We can help you to transform how your tax function delivers. To optimise your performance, we'll help you enhance organisational design and make the most of technology. You might be looking to create he tax function of the future or seeking to become a strategic partner for your business. Whatever ambition you're moving towards, we'll work together to streamline your daily activities and processes, drive innovation and maximise the value you create.

9. People & Organization
Manage motivation

ur experts in business can offer you guidance to help deal with your hierarchical and individuals challenges. Regardless of whether you need to improve the presentation of your workforce, create and move talent, or moderate risk, our team can consolidate their aptitudes to convey an answer that is custom fitted to your business and its stakeholders. We build your team's strength and motivate them for higher company productivity and loyalty.

10. Transfer Pricing
A smooth sail

The factors driving intensified scrutiny of transfer pricing arrangements are beyond the control of most companies, but the risks to your organisation are very real. They include, very large local tax reassessments — with significant penalties and interest on overdue tax and double taxation on income when relief under tax treaties is not available, uncertainty about your worldwide tax burden, and expensive, time-consuming conflicts with regulatory authorities;

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